WatchID creates watches

WatchID is founded by Johan Büdgen. Johan is a creative engineer by profession and is inspired by the technics, shape, materials and details of a watch. He believes each watch has a personality of its own.


Johan developed to a watch specialist due to his passion for design, technics and production. He produces unique watch concepts by using a 3D CAD (computer aided design) software program and does his own mechanics by machine and hand himself – in his own house. If possible, all parts are uniquely designed and crafted by Johan.


It’s Johan’s mission to (co) create a watch by his own hands and to make his watch affordable for watch enthusiasts. Unique, personal watches, tailormade and made to order. Watches that can distinguish themselves and can be passed on as family pieces.

Design philosophy

A watch design has the desired characteristics of the wearer. These characteristics can be explained and directed by the use of images of existing watches and products. Johan designs a watch, based on this input. His design philosophy can be described as a combination of strong basis shapes, refined details, high-end materials and balance. He is always looking for a unique character, that sets his watches apart from others.

Production philosophy

It should be possible to make a watch in-house by using the right tools and finishing parts by hand. All materials are of the highest quality and have a finish in which the hand of an artist can be seen.

Have you always dreamed of a unique and personal watch, made especially for you or your loved ones? Johan loves to hear your thoughts and wished and can’t wait to get started for you.