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The start of Pellikaan Timing

Pellikaan Timing is started by Hubert Pellikaan. Hubert Pellikaan is originally trained as a pharmacist. He is the inventor of over 10 patents in the field of pharmacy and mechanical engineering. Next to being active in the pharmaceutical field he is also horlogical enthousiast and has always been looking for unique watches and movements. At the time his favourites were the Omega speedmaster (1969 with caliber 321) and the Omega 1945 “RAF W.W.W.” pilotswatch (W.W.W. stood for “waterproof Wrist Watch!). Both of them very functional watches with a great design, but the design was a result of functionality.

Early in 2008 Hubert Pellikaan wanted to develop his own watch since he missed something in the new watches of Omega, Panerai, Rolex etc. This was a plain design with high readability, established and sturdy technique and usability of the watch. In the Flying Dutchman he combined these values and so the first watch was born. This watch was actually intended for himself only, however by positive reactions of others he made the watch more often. This was how Pellikaan timing was born in 2009.

The road to a real brand

After the start of Pellikaan Timing, a couple of variations of the Flying Dutchman were manufactured with both automatic and hand winding movements. A completely new model was called the Hendrik Lorentz, after the famous Dutch theoretical physicist. The accuracy of the movement in this watch meets the standards of a chronometer. One of the special editions for instance is the Kiu Tai Yu tribute, developed in 2014, as a tribute to the brilliant watchmaker of the Mystery Tourbillon. A year later the Diving Dutchman-1 emerged, a divers watch with a titanium case and a base movement IP-13 with substantial modifications. The anchor of the movement is balanced and this is an invention by Pellikaan Timing! The patent was applied for in 2015 (patent number NL 1041281) and in 2017 it was finally awarded. The most recent model is the Flying Dutchman Skeleton. The black skeleton movement is made by a small manufacture that also supplies to Tissot. The case has a black DLC-coating and this movement also has the balanced anchor.


Hubert Pellikaan is always happy to discuss personal wishes for a watch. This will best be in his workplace. Things that can be adjusted are for instance the hands, dial, material of the case and strap. The properties and finish of the movement also create opportunities to come to a unique watch.

Time for time

In 2017 people that still wear a watch to see what time it is are scarce. In our hurried lifes a volatile look at a mobile device or an occasional clock tells us if we are on time. Of the watches that are left, about 90% will be driven by a quartz movement.

Since the start in 2009 Pellikaan Timing has only built mechanical watches. The beating heart, literally because you can hear it tick, of these watches are Swiss movements that are checked, oiled and adjusted by hand by owner Hubert Pellikaan. The unique designs of the case and primarily the dial give the Pellikaan Timing watches their own space in the world of watches. Pellikaan Timing can’t be compared to any other watch brand.

You buy a Pellikaan Timing watch to show you what time it is. But much more often you will, without any sense of time or hurry, admire your watch or take it of your wrist to look at the movement through the sapphire case back. With a Pellikaan Timing watch there always is time for time.