Hulsman Timepieces

Hulsman Timepieces arose from the idea to make a wrist watch. This idea is not unique, but by making a wrist watch it meant: making the design, the calibre, the platines, the fingers, the dail, everything made ‘inhouse’. Even the rubies for the bearings and palettes are being made by hand. In the Netherlands this has never been done so a lot had to be learned and invested in a world that was not known in the Netherlands before.

All of the machines and tools are present to fabricate all of the needed parts, including a CNC-machine. For the NIHS gears, there is a rebuild Petermann gear cutting machine which I use with module cutters I designed for the movement. Only the best quality watches would use gears like this.

This way of working makes it possible to let a design come to life with a completely tailor made movement. In the future, this will allow for the customers to let their idea’s come to life, from design to complete wrist watch. No existing parts or movements will be used, therefore there is no limit to what the wrist watch could look like (or do) because the movement will be designed and made for this wrist watch specifically.

In making the movements and parts, a lot of time is invested in the precision and finishing of the parts. The wrist watches should by no means be less in quality than the best top watch brands out there. The customer will get a unique, tailormade wrist watch to hold on to for the next generations.

‘Let your idea’s come to life, for you and your next generations’

Machiel Hulsman