Holthinrichs Watches

Holthinrichs Watches – Pioneer in 3D printed watches

Holthinrichs Watches is founded by architect Michiel Holthinrichs. To Michiel, architecture and watchmaking are all about art.

During his studies at the Technical University in Delft Michiel learned the importance of details in design, and the value of the artistic expression found in a buildings ornament. For the architect, both aspects are crucial in his artistic quest to create objects of beauty and meaning.

Michiel has a strong fascination for aesthetics, and an eye for the small details that contribute to the quality of this. It is a matter of finding the perfect balance between design, craftsmanship and technology, and a matter of subjective personal taste. This is where architecture and watchmaking come together.

A watch is much more than just an instrument to tell time. It is a very personal object, a symbol of one’s refined taste, character and integrity, and therefor inevitably emotionally connecting to its owner. A very engaged object, an ornament to one’s personality, and as a result of lots of time and effort the creator spends to intellectually design and craft the watch, it is in fact a piece of art.

Pioneer in 3D printed watches
Through his architectural background, technical insight and extensive watch collection, Michiel has all the skills to design a watch. He takes his inspiration from the early modernist periods of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco, when architects, but also product, and car designers proved to be able to realize proportional systems in which the concept of a design is implemented within every detail of the design. This combined with the use of state of the art 3D print technologies allows for a whole new appearance of classic elegance.

The shapes of the Ornament 1 are unprecedented, and not producible using conventional methods. That’s were a close collaboration with Europe’s leading 3D printing specialist, and a precision engineering company arose, followed by a two-year period of prototyping and testing, in which the technical boundaries were successfully pushed.

The Ornament 1 is the first 3D printed watch fully using the design chances of the technology, exploring new aesthetical and complex skeletonised shapes, and at the same time integrally implementing options for personalisation.

“A new craft in watchmaking”
Paradoxical introducing this new technology also introduces the revival of old crafts. Al 3D printed parts of the case go through an extensive progress of post-processing to secure all fittings, where after all parts are checked and hand finished in-house.
Al exterior faces are hand finished and hand polished to create a smooth overall appearance, while all internal surfaces contrastingly show the textures of the 3D printing process, emphasising the story of the production, the actual state of the art, and the handicraft used to finish the watch.
This, together with a custom made and artisanal crafted dial of exceptional quality, a Swiss mechanical movement, and handmade and laser etched hands, make the Holthinrichs Watches Ornament 1 a perfect refreshing addition to the legacy of watchmaking.
is very rare but durable, and it gives the dial a beautiful deep anthracite colour, changing to brown and green according to the light.

  • Watch Specifications
    Case material: 3D printed surgical steel 316L. Skeletonised | Hand polished | Exterior surfaces | Contrasting 3D textured interior surfaces
  • Case diameter: 38mm
  • Case thickness: 10mm
  • Movement calibre: Swiss mechanical ETA 7001 ‘Version Elaboré’ | hand wound
  • Dial Material: Matte finished Ruthenium / Satin finished silver / Delft Blue Enamel
  • Hands: Surgical steel 316L. Handmade and micro laser etched
    Crystal front: Classic domed acrylic
  • Crystal back: Sapphire
  • Strap: Handmade and selected to meet your specifications
  • Limited to 250 pieces

All watches are sold with their unique production number integrated onto the 3D printed case of the watch. According to the client wishes this can be changed into a personal text with a maximum of 10 digits or letters. Prior to production an exclusive client of Holthinrichs Watches can choose to have its name, or initials, or personal date embedded in the 3D printed case of the watch. This kind of personalisation is unique as the watch is for the client only from the start of the production. This will require patience, as it takes about 3 months to produce and finish the watch.

Even more customisation is found in the possibility to have the movement hand engraved according to a favourite theme of the client. This option is executed on request, with highest personal care and involvement of the client in order to make the right design for the engravings.

Website: www.holthinrichswatches.com