Galileo Watches

The “Galileo” watch, since 2016

The One-hand clock and the origin of watchmaking. In the early 16th. century, minutes were not important. People took time to achieve their goals in live…

The Galileo Watch is named after the (16th. century) famous Italian inventor, astronomer and physicist Galileo Galilei. Pioneer and master to prove Time to humatity as we know it today.

The Galileo Watch, designed by Philippe Disse, creative director of jeweler store Étoile Maastricht located in the historic city centre of Maastricht, the Netherlands.

The Galileo Watch embrace a classic and elegant look with a typical Dutch expression: “less is more”.  Achieve more by showing less!

The first Galileo Watch edition “Discovery of Time 2016” was numbered and limited 25 pieces. The second Galileo Watch edition “Explore Jupiter Moon 2017” is numbered and limited 52 pieces.

The Galileo Watches are individual engraved and numbered and exclusively sold at jeweler store Étoile Maastricht or online.

“Life is more than counting Minutes, it’s about enjoy living it”

– Philippe Disse