Dijkman Watches

Watchmakers’ school

Holke Dijkman (1962) has been educated in a traditional way at the watchmakers’ school in Hoorn, the Netherlands. In the Eighties, the interest in this education quickly diminished due to the rise of the quarz watch. Holke never lost his interest and in this era, he specalized in high precision clocks, which he himself designed and built. He met Christiaan van der Klaauw, too.


Holke has worked for Christiaan van der Klaauw for over a decade and contributed to the development and production of very complicated astronomical watches. Recently, Holke decided to go his own way and work under his own steam. He restores clocks and has built his first watch, which he designed himself too. This watch has a reversed movement, resulting in a magnificent view on the technics from the upper side. Usually, movements can only be seen from the caseback and the watch needs to be turned over. Not this one.

Holke found an innovative and intricate solution to deal with the fact that the movement of the hands is automatically reversed, if the movement was turned around. The hands would then turn counterclockwise, if nothing was done to them. Also the case is designed and built by Holke himself and constructed in such a way, that the modified movement fits perfectly. The watch is called “VERSUM”, which is Latin for “reversed”.

The first copies

Holke works very hard to deliver the first “VERSUM” to its customer. Next to his watchmaker’s desk, he has a sketch book, in which he always writes down his horological ideas. No doubt yet another beautiful watch with Holke’s own innovative complexity will be conceived on one of those papers. Again.

Website: www.dijkmanwatches.nl