Dutch Watch Professionals - DWP - Aevig

AEVIG, ancient Norse for “eternal”, stands for durable design in watches.

The times are changing and changing rapidly in this era of the internet and social media. A great timepiece can be an anchor during this cascade of fleeting moments to remind us to filter out what is important and to linger the moment.

Looking at the way how products are designed to be disposable or become victim to trends and fashion, Aevig aims at offering watches with a design aesthetic that will endure for decades. A quality timepiece really needs quality design that encourages the owner to engage making most of their time and to look for the little nuances, to build memories and relationships.

Hailing inspiration from vintage pieces, a new contemporary design language, call it retro or new vintage if you will, governs the look of Aevig timepieces.

The current line up of Aevig watches are all moderate sized from 39mm to 42mm. Each model is purpose built from fieldwatch to diver or sportswatch all with a unique character and many details for the wearer to discover and ready to be taken on your next adventure.