Sanders Engraver

The idea came to life after we worked on a leisure project, namely the build of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in Mexican style. Many parts of the bike were engraved, with an amazing effect.

I worked as a dance instructor with a passion for drawing and design. Ernst worked as a Harley-Davidson mechanic and has always worked in a technical environment. Add to this his love for micro / fine mechanics and watch movements. It is very special we have been able to join forces in our company, where technique, art and creativity meet. Ernst is a hand engraver, I make the unique designs.


To avoid our job to be an extended hobby, we wanted to be as professional as possible right from the start. That’s why we wanted to learn it from a master engraver. Engraving is not to be taken lightly and cannot be learned quickly, so after a long search, we ended up at a Belgian master engraver. During our internship we learned this beautiful of micro engraving from him.

In our house, we have installed a workshop, in which we work together. While practicing on one of our own watches, Ernst made contact with a watchmaker. One thing led to another, and soon we were invited to show our art everywhere.


This way, the projects started building up for engraving watches and watch parts. During the design, I draw on chalk paper first, and then I digitalize it on the computer. This way I can scale the art on the perfect ratio for the project. The outlines are being transfered to the object are being cut into the surface. By removing the background and adding shadow, a very nice depth is obtained, which makes the image really come to life.


We’re very active on Social Media like Facebook and Instagram and by sharing much of our work, we get requests from as far as California, Indonesia, Poland, Germany, Bahrain and from within the Netherlands too. ¬†Some customers know exactly what they want, others let our minds and hands work out the designs and final execution ourselves. They give us complete creative control.


The work is varied because of the different types of customers, we get to work with. Sometimes people come up with very personal designs with a story. This way continue to be challenged and not everybody wants a middle-of-the-road watch, of which are many hundreds or even thousands around. Having your watch (parts) engraved means you express luxury and above all yourself. You truly make a statement and stand out from the crowd.


The exclusivity and artistry of our craft is very much in demand and although we emphasize on watches, we can engrave practically any object by hand.

Warm regards

Kim & Ernst