Dutch Watches Showcase 2016

On Sunday June 5, 2016, the 1st Dutch Watches Showcase (DWS) was held in Grootschermer, the Netherlands. The following brands were present:

  • Pellikaan Timing
  • Holthinrichs Watches
  • Hulsman Uurwerktechniek
  • AEVIG Watches
  • Eza Watches
  • Stuckx Watches
  • Dijkman Clocks
  • SUBDELTA handbuilt Dutch watches
  • S&S Engraving (now: Sanders Engraver)
  • Florijn Horloges
  • 7T2 Straps
  • DumeT Watches
  • TenToTwo
  • Hans Mulder Horloges
  • The Storytelling Watch Society
  • Sywert Hofstra Watches
  • Van Der Byl Design
  • RFD WatchWorks
  • Revolo
  • Voerman Uurwerktechniek
  • Amsterdam Watch Company showed models of Van Der Klaauw Watches, Van Der Gang Watches and RO1

More than 600 people saw what the Netherlands are up to when it comes to watchmaking for the first time! This number totally blew us away and led to the conclusion that Dutch watch professionals are hot!