1. Q: Dutch watches, do they even exist?
    A: Yes, they do! More than you can imagine!
  2. Q: Is there a list of Dutch watch brands on your site?
    A: We are adding new professionals as time goes by, as we are only just starting DWP (launch website: March 2017).
  3. Q: Are all Dutch watch professionals on your site?
    A: Only paying members are mentioned. To run this very website and to cover miscellaneous costs, we charge a small annual fee. Not every professional is inclined to do so.
  4. Q: Are Dutch watches comparable to say Swiss watches?
    A: Most of them certainly are and source Swiss movements for example.
  5. Q: Why are there so few brands on your site?
    A: We’ve only started this website in March 2017, and it takes time for the professionals to become a member. It then takes time to get them online.

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