Dutch Watch Professionals

Dutch Watch Professionals (DWP) is an initiative of a number of Dutch watch brands, watch makers, suppliers and artists.


Early 2016, some so-called “microbrands” decided to meet up. The last couple of years, more and more Dutch microbrands have emerged to a point where it becomes hard to deny there’s a Dutch watch scene. Since there are many other watch professionals nowadays, such as strap makers and watch makers, they joined as well.

Positive vibe

The 1st meeting was in the city of Leusden, located in the dead centre of the Netherlands. The vibe in the room was electric and it was decided to take this to the next level. To join forces. To let the global watch industry know the Netherlands need to be reckoned with. To let the people know we’re going pro.

One of the 1sts steps is to further professionalize DWP and the launch of this very website on March 16, 2017, is proof. A logo will be made soon.

Goals DWP

Some goals of DWP: to exchange knowledge and experiences, joint procurement, to combine marketing efforts and to speak with one voice to stakeholdersĀ on behalf of the Dutch watch industry. Moreover – in the future the label “Dutch Made” will be launched. Watch brands need to meet strict criteria in order to obtain this quality label.